FEBRUARY 17, 2024 ∙ 6PM - 11PM
FEBRUARY 17, 2024 ∙ 6PM - 11PM

Heading To Florida This Month? What To Know About The Upcoming Afro-Carib Festival In Miramar

Are you planning to visit Florida this month? Swing down to the Afro-Carib Festival, set to blast off on Saturday, February 25, 2023. On that day, the Miramar Regional Amphitheater will be on fire with reggae, afro-pop, reggaeton, salsa and other genres with African roots.

This festival is a great way to celebrate Black History Month and Reggae Month. The latter is mostly observed in Jamaica, but it has a steady following in Florida as well. As noted by Jamaica Observer, there’s a sizable Jamaican presence in Miramar, Miami, Lauderhill, and other parts of the state.

Be sure to bring your camera, some friends and plenty of energy because you’re going to need it for the Afro-Carib festival! Grab tickets here.

There’s Always Value In Celebrating African Roots

The Motherland not only spawned the genres enumerated above but a number of dance styles as well. Bachata, Merengue, Bomba and Samba to name a few.

Through forced displacement caused by slavery, as well as voluntary migration, Africa extended its reach across the world.

Alexandra P. Davis, the City of Miramar Commissioner, is excited about the Afro-Carib festival.

“Part of who we are as a people, descendants from African and Caribbean roots, is reflected in the music, instruments, and dance which make up our rich culture and heritage,” she said. “When you listen to the lyrics of these artists and feel the rhythm of the Afro-Reggae inspired beat, it resonates deep within the soul, and this is what we want to bring to this celebration of our multi-diverse community in Miramar.”

Who Will Be Performing at the Afro-Carib Festival?

Koffee will be leading a robust list of performing artists. The Jamaican-born singer got her start in music by joining the church choir as a youth and later taught herself guitar. According to her website, Koffee aspires not only to entertain but to inspire.

“My personal success could be ten cars and a big house,” she said. “That doesn’t influence many people other than myself and the people around me who benefit from that. I want to bring vibes and positive change.”

Nigerian performer Tekno will also take the stage. According to the press release, “the self-proclaimed Afro-pop king has been heating up the digital and radio airwaves since the debut of his 2016 international hit, Pana.” Similar to Koffee, his music is both catchy and infused with mostly positive vibes.

Representing Cuba is Jacob Forever. He’s collaborated with industry giants like Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias and others.

Hailing from Haiti is J. Perry. He was honored by Haiti’s Minister of Tourism and the Haitian Carnival Committee. His penchant for music was something his parents observed from childhood, and it all went upward from there. Perry has performed in Brazil and has done a number of Zumba conferences in France, California, and Florida.

Alexander Star, who is an Emmy-nominated songwriter, has had his music included in television ads and even Super Bowl campaigns. To date, “he has performed in over 10 countries and has helped more than 500 teens in foster care write and record original music.”

Rounding out the list (as it presently stands) is Yung Wylin, a Miami-based performer. He says that one of the driving forces behind his catchy music is meditation.

Will There Be Refreshments?

Yes, indeed. You can expect vendors specializing in both Caribbean and African cuisine, so make sure to have an appetite. There will also be chances to purchase merchandise.



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